With an easy to locate photoluminescent label on the front cover, the LightStation provides comfort and assurance that a safe dependable light will be available when the power goes out. Each model can be mounted to a wall near exits, fire extinguishers, or in any area that has little or no emergency lighting. All LightStation models are filled with 4 hour-yellow 10 SnapLight lightsticks visible up to 1 mile in fog or smoke. Sealed with replaceable Tamper Evident Pins to provide a visual alert if used or tampered.

LightStation Models 4 and 10 Designed with a blast and fire resistant case. When the front cover is pulled open, all SnapLights activate to provide instant illumination, flooding an area with portable light for evacuees. With a slim design, LightStation Models 4 and 10 are recommended for small spaces; an office, stairwell, elevator, restroom, kitchen, or hallway. Available in red.

LightStation Model 20 Designed with a heavy-duty molded plastic case. When the front cover is pulled open, one SnapLight activates, leaving 19 SnapLights for individuals to carry and use as light sources while evacuating. Ideally used in large common areas; hotels, hospitals, airports, bus stations, schools, manufacturing facilities, or auditoriums. Available in red.

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LightStation™ ModelColorPart #Case Count
Model 4 (Holds 4 SnapLights)Red9-003831
Model 10 (Holds 10 SnapLights)Red9-003851
Model 20 (Holds 20 SnapLights)Red9-003861


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