Cyalume® accessories make using lightsticks even more practical in all situations requiring light. All of Cyalume’s Accessories aid in the use of 6”, 10”, 12”, or 15” ChemLight® and SnapLight® lightsticks.

- Cone Adapters can be used by themselves or placed on top of a safety cone for improved visibility. They are stackable and are easily stored. Recommended for use at DUI checkpoints, nighttime construction areas, barricades, accident scenes, utility work sites, and more.

- Magnetic Base can be attached to any steel or magnetic surface. The Magnetic Base allows the lightstick to be held in an upright position for maximum visibility. Twist a lightstick into the Magnetic Base holder and attach to vehicles, light post, or any other steel surface. NSN approved.

- The self-threading Directional Handle comes with an attached lanyard which can be placed around the wrist to prevent it from being dropped. Lightweight and durable, the handle is recommended for police officers, road construction crews, valet parking attendants, or anyone who requires a highly visible light for signaling or directing traffic safety. NSN approved.

- Combat Light Shield Device designed with a rotating window, users can now control the amount of light emitted with Cyalume’s Combat Light Shield Device. This lightstick holder is made of durable plastic and can clip to personal clothing, webbing, or equipment. Ideal for use in tactical situation. Fits 6” ChemLight and SnapLight lightsticks. Lightstick are not included. NSN approved.

For product and sales information, contact: or call us toll-free at 888-858-7881.

NSN #ProductPart #Case Count
6260-01-255-3346MAGNETIC BASE9-3346025
6260-01-196-0637SHIELD FOR 6"9-063701
6260-01-255-3345TRAFFIC HANDLE9-3345025

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