Mini ChemLight®

Small and compact enough to fit anywhere, the Mini lightstick is a dependable source of light for military and law enforcement applications. Recommended for reading maps, cockpit lighting, shipboard fire-fighting “bread crumbs”, identification, and medical kits. Individually foil-wrapped for light/moisture protection. Available in a variety of colors and sizes; providing up to 4 hours of illumination. NSN approved.

For product and sales information, contact: or call us toll-free at 888-858-7881.

Mini ChemLight®
NSN #ColorPart #Duration
6260-01-209-4434GREEN9-443404 HOUR
6260-01-209-4435YELLOW9-443504 HOUR
6260-01-209-4436BLUE9-443604 HOUR
6260-01-230-8600LIGHT RED9-860004 HOUR

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