From crime scenes and fires to HAZMAT spills, power outages, severe weather, evacuations, or motor vehicle breakdowns and crashes, being able to quickly see what is going on is an essential step to providing public safety. Cyalume Technologies - the world leader in safety and rescue lighting - offers Snaplights®, a reliable way to see and be seen.

SnapLights® are based on the same chemical reaction as a firefly. They turn on in a snap - literally - safely mixing two chemicals in a durable, waterproof, transparent plastic tube to create instant light. There’s no battery, bulb, flame, spark, heat, or fumes - just safe, dependable light

Cyalume Technologies is the sole provider of Cyalume® lightbars to the United States Military, NATO, FEMA and the Red Cross.

Snaplights® will keep you safer in the dark.

Features and Benefits:

  • Excellent, long-lasting illumination to search rooms, hallways, abandoned buildings, etc.
  • Toss SnapLights® into dark, unknown areas.
    • Mark suspects without illuminating law enforcement personnel
  • Safe to use in HAZMAT emergencies near chemicals, fuel, power lines, gas leaks, etc. - SnapLights® are flameless and will not ignite fire or explosion.
    • Flares are dangerous and could not be used.
  • Excellent light projection through darkness and smoke.
  • Identify police (to each other) in dark quarters.
  • Quickly identify the instructor and class during training.
  • Attaches easily to helmets, hats and uniforms.
  • Identify and mark escape routes.
    • Leave "Breadcrumb" trail into and out of building.
    • Product is lightweight; police could carry numerous lightbars to mark their path and evacuation routes.
  • Can be used to mark DUI checkpoints.
  • Signal, control and direct traffic.
  • Mark hazards and color code danger levels:
    • RED: Toxic; too dangerous to enter.
    • ORANGE OR YELLOW: Area has not been tested.
    • GREEN: Areas are tested/searched and are safe.
    • Designate flammable materials/areas.
    • Provide immediate codes to triage areas.
  • Identify helicopter landing zones and direct pilots.
  • SnapLight® stand provides "hands free" light so crews can continue to work.
    • Flashlights need to be held; batteries are not reliable.
  • Waterproof - can be used in any weather.


  • Can be used to signal other authorities without tipping off suspects.
    • Non-visible signaling
    • Safe, undetected nighttime operations.
    • Used for money exchange, surveillance, building searches, etc.

Snaplights® are reliable, and always ready to use - grab a couple on the way out to control the night.

Cyalume Technologies maintains the highest standards and strictest quality control. Our products come with an extended shelf life and a four-year warranty.

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