US Military Applications

Military Applications

  • Perimeter Protection/Warning: Use Cyalume trip flares to provide your soldiers with an early warning of approaching personnel. Our different colors of ChemLights® allow you to color code avenues of approach.
  • Field Expedient Flashlight: Use a 4" or 6" ChemLight® as a secure and readily available emergency flashlight by allowing the light to emit from the cut end of the stick's foil wrapper.
  • Sleeping Areas: Prevent injury or death to sleeping soldiers by marking their sleeping site with bright green or yellow ChemLights®s. This ensures their visibility and acknowledgement by friendly personnel and vehicles.

Air Assault Applications

  • Landing Zone markers: 10" with tripod or 15" ChemLights® mark route to and perimeter of the landing zone; an inverted "Y" may orient helicopters.
  • Rope End Indicator: 2 15" ChemLights® at the end of a rappelling rope can show the crew chief when the rope reaches the ground.
  • Hook Light: Flex-bands around the hook make sling-load operations much safer.

Fire Support Applications

  • Aiming Stake Illumination: Attach a ChemLight® product or Glo-Flex to aiming stakes to ensure proper lay.
  • Sight Illumination: Attach a mini ChemLight® to gun sight to ensure the correct azimuth and deflection.
  • Fire Direction Center (FDC) Illumination: Use our 15" ChemLights® to light the Fire Direction Center when the crew services your generator or the power fails.

Engineer Applications

  • Bridge Construction: Attach a Personnel Marker Light (or PML) to your life preservers to ensure personnel visibility on the site.
  • Bridge or River Crossing: For safer and faster crossings, color code the center, left, and right of the bridge or river bank.
  • Obstacle Breeching: Mark land mines for later removal, light up cleared lanes, and draw more attention to your obstacle signs.
  • Concertina Wire Marking: Use flex-bands to prevent training soldiers from injuring themselves in wire obstacles.

Tactical Road March Applications

  • Route and Critical Point Marking: Color-code turns, defiles, maintenance points, refuel points, and assembly areas along your route.
  • Traffic Control: Guides with Glo-Flex augmented clothing and hand held ChemLights® can safely man traffic control points.
  • Unit and Leader Marking: ChemLights® on antennae, inside tail light housings, or stuck to undercarriages can reliably identify units and their leaders.

Medical Applications

  • Medical Triage: Use flex bands to identify triage categories and medical soldiers.
  • Emergency Hospital Lighting: Attach our chemiluminescent Circles to ward and corridor walls and position 15" white ChemLights® in the operating room for power failures.

Command and Control Applications

  • Unit and Leader Identification: Color code the rear of your soldiers' helmets with mini ChemLights® or Glo-Flex to designate units and leaders.
  • Command Post Lighting: Use our chemiluminescent ChemLights® to illuminate your command posts without constantly running generators.
  • Signal Light: Use a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors of ChemLight® products for signaling.

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