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As the sole provider of chemical light technology to the NATO forces in Europe, Cyalume Technologies SAS, is proud to offer Cyalume Snaplight's® products to commercial markets and individual consumers in the EU.

Safety is a necessity for work, travel or rest and depends on risk reduction. Danger is often revealed in an unexpected instant - therefore preparation is the key. Safe lighting is taken for granted until it is not there.

The most unique advantage of Cyalume chemical light products is their ability to remain operational for years, free of any dependency on batteries or electrical connections. Additional advantages include operation without spark or flame, without oxygen consumption and they come in a waterproof and buoyant casing. Such rock solid reliability and safety in a self contained system enables the application of Cyalume technology in many demanding circumstances, where risk reduction can make a major difference in commercial operations affecting large numbers of people, in life threatening work conditions and in personal safety at home, on the road or during outdoors activities.

Equipped to adapt to your needs, Cyalume can offer individually wrapped products personalized to any country’s language, with your message and choice of artwork. Cyalume can provide a range of accessories for specific applications and situations to respond to the increasing demand for safety solutions in commercial buildings, public transportation, hotels, businesses, utilities, security services, professional diving and in almost any situation where safe and reliable lighting is needed.

For more information on tactical night applications thanks to contact our sales team at:

Cyalume Technologies SAS
295 Rue Mayor de Montricher
Z.I. Les Milles - CS 40435
13591 Aix-en-Provence Cedex 3
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