In August 2003 a massive power failure struck the northeastern United States. A survey conducted by Dr. Robert J. Kwortnik at Cornell University captured details of the blackout and how hotel managers responded:

  • In nearly 90% of hotels, guestroom lighting was out
  • Average power outage was 16 hours; some hotels lost power for two days
  • As the duration of the blackout extended beyond a few hours, backup systems started to fail
    • Including failure of emergency lighting needed for safe movement within the hotel
  • Managers reported guests were "delighted" when personal lighting was supplied by the hotel

Source: Journal of Hospitality & Leisure Marketing*

In blackout situations, Cyalume® Snaplights® - securely stationed and standing ready in each guest room - offer the best solution. SnapLights stay ready for years, then work every time, under any conditions.

SnapLights are an excellent solution for hotels - the same devices provide both excellent standby room lighting and excellent evacuation lighting, without dependence on battery life, without risk of flame. In the event of evacuation, each hotel guest carries a personal light - this is the best situation for safe evacuation and emergency services rescue at the scene.

Even in low risk situations, SnapLights® are a comfort to guests and a great measure of hotel service.

"Customers often pay more attention to and are more emotionally involved in a firmís service recovery efforts than the original service encounter; further, failure to recover can create more dissatisfaction than the original failure*"

With both liability and reputation on the line, let your customer service efforts shine with the safety and reliability of Snaplights® by Cyalume®.

Click here to contact Cyalume for more information about low cost/high benefit maintenance-free guest room lighting packages.

* Data and quotations from:

Journal of Hospitality & Leisure Marketing, Vol. 14(2) 2006
© 2006 The Haworth Press, Inc. All rights reserved.
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