Cyalume Technologies FAQs

How do SnapLight lightbars and chemiluminescent light technology work?

  • Based on the same remarkable chemistry of a firefly - Cyalume lightbars create instant, safe, reliable light by mixing two safe chemicals in a plastic casing.
    1) Oxalate: Fluorescers for color;
    2) Activator: To stimulate color.
  • Oxalate is isolated and sealed in a thin glass ampoule; this tube is placed into a larger, transparent plastic casing (lightstick) which is filled with activator and sealed. When the lightstick is bent, the glass ampoule breaks, chemicals mix and create light - but no heat, flame or spark.

What makes this light technology safe?

  • Cyalume products are safe because they’re made with non-toxic chemicals. They don’t produce heat, flames, or sparks, and can be used near combustible gasses, liquids and leaking fuels, where many other light sources would spark a fire or explosion.

How long do the lightbars last?

  • Lightbars give total illumination for up to 12 hours, depending on the size and chemical composition of the stick; exact durations are stated on packaging. This is more than enough light to get anyone through an evening of darkness or a roadside emergency.

Will SnapLight lightbars and ChemLight lightbars work in any weather?

  • Yes. The products are water-proof, wind-proof, and can be used in severe weather. Lightbars never have to be maintained; the product is reliable, and always ready to use.

How do the lightbars compare to other light sources?

  • Lightbars don’t rely on batteries or electricity; there’s no bulb, flame, spark, heat, smoke or fumes - just safe light. The lightbars are safe for children to use

    • Candles: The Red Cross specifically warns against using candles for light because of the flame’s severe risk of fire. The Red Cross recommends lightbars for a home safety kit.
    • Flashlights: Provide limited, spot illumination and can be very expensive per flashlight. They run on batteries which immediately begin to drain when installed and may be run down when you need them. Batteries are toxic, leak, corrode and harm the environment. Lightbars are always ready, fresh and completely safe.
    • Kerosene or oil lamps: Pose a serious risk of fire, are not mobile and can not easily go where you need light - during power outages, evacuations and roadside emergencies. Lightbars are safe, portable and can go where you need them.

Who uses SnapLight and ChemLight lightbars?

  • Cyalume Technologies is the sole provider of lightbars to the military, NATO forces and FEMA. Lightbars are certified by the United States Department of Transportation and the United States Coast Guard. Amtrak, the Red Cross, Boy Scouts, civil defense, law enforcement and public safety officials use lightsticks. The company is also a major supplier to consumers, utilities, marine facilities, emergency preparedness agencies, petrochemical and other industries.

Where are Cyalume products made?

  • Cyalume is the only company that manufactures lightbars in the United States and meets rigid military specifications. The company employs 120 people dedicated to enhanced customer service at its corporate headquarters in West Springfield, Massachusetts. SnapLight lightbars are featured nationally in Home Depot and Lowe’s.

USA Office
Cyalume Technologies, Inc.
96 Windsor Street
West Springfield, MA 01089
Toll free: (888) 858-7881
Direct: 413-858-2500

Europe Office
Cyalume Technologies SAS
295 Rue Mayor de Montricher
Z.I. Les Milles - CS 40435
13591 Aix-en-Provence Cedex 3
+33 (0) 4 42 37 17 80

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