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Welcome to Cyalume Technologies in Europe!

You have reached the European home of the leading developer and manufacturer of special purpose light products. Cyalume Technologies SAS is situated in France where we manufacture and supply European Military, Safety and Security markets with unique and dependable lights for military, public security, commercial and personal use.

Our long term relationship with NATO Defence forces allows Cyalume to make meaningful research & development investments a priority. Cyalume is dedicated to providing innovative and environmentally friendly light products for our Military customers and at the same time to delivering advanced light technologies to civilians for personal and professional uses.

From Special Forces to Homes, in Public Safety, Transportation, Hotels, Government Agencies, Utilities, Industrial Sites, Offices, Hospitals, Nursing Homes and through a range of Outdoor Activities, when light is really needed, Cyalume offers proven reliable solutions that prevent injury and save lives.

  • Signaling, Search & Rescue, Evacuations
  • Illuminating Stairways and Walkways
  • Marking Routes, Obstructions, Accidents, Exits, Checkpoints, Landing Zones, Hazardous Materials...
  • Medical Triage, EMS care with different colors for fractures, shock...
  • Personnel ID, Safety Kits
  • Work Lights, Confined Space Lighting, Explosive atmospheres
  • Surveillance, Perimeter Control
  • Underground Surveying
  • Underwater diving torch and marker
  • Firefighting

Cyalume products come in a variety of sizes, colors and illumination intensities. Cyalume products:

  • are guaranteed leak proof, water proof, and are non-toxic
  • are 100% reliable with consistent light output & performance
  • are non electrical and donít use batteries, bulbs or lenses, non-corrodible
  • will not generate heat or sparks
  • are safe, convenient, practical, maintenance-free
  • can be used in hazardous situations where life will be endangered or lost if products do not perform as expected
  • have a verifiable shelf life from 2 to 4 years depending on product type, expiration date printed on the foil
  • activate manually, upon your demand, in seconds
  • emit 360 degrees of bright light
  • need no special storage requirements

The 6" (15cm) Cyalume ChemLights® made in France has a new shape and a more functional gated hook

Within our European pages you will find information regarding our products and applications. Please contact us with any questions and comments at:

Cyalume Technologies SAS
295 Rue Mayor de Montricher
Z.I. Les Milles - CS 40435
13591 Aix-en-Provence Cedex 3
+33 (0) 4 42 37 17 80

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