Business depends on people. People at work, in or around it depend on businesses to operate safely, daily and rapidly in an emergency. As a matter of safety, business and common sense, are you ready to operate during an emergency?

Safe operation and exit are basic needs for every organization. Planning ahead and providing for contingencies can avoid accidents. Emergency systems put in place during construction may not function in every emergency situation and batteries can fail to hold a charge over time. When you really need to be in the clear, let Cyalume® lights, designed for commercial settings, show you the way. Cyalume lights stay ready for years

The US Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, Coast Guard and NATO all need reliable personnel lighting, and they all turn to Cyalume® to get them. Durable, waterproof and with a shelf life of four years guaranteed, Cyalume® lights will work when others won’t.

How your business responds to the people it depends on can make a big difference in the moment of crisis and beyond. Safety and liability are serious considerations for businesses, as well as caring enough to provide everyone the right Cyalume® light if the task or need arises. Explore the Commercial section of our website to see how to put Cyalume® lights to work for your business in the event of an emergency condition.

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